The hotel beach is equipped with 200 sunbeds (without mattresses), where you can sunbathe daily.

As places are limited, the sunbeds are rented for a fee. To check availability and pay, please request information from the hotel reception at check-in. 


Free parking is only allowed in the specially designed space behind the hotel on the north side, within the limit of 85 seats available. For access, you must have both the room card obtained at the accommodation and the ticket.

After full occupancy of the free parking, nearby public car parking or paid parking places are available. The reservations for parking places are not available. At the exit of the hotel parking lot, at any time during the stay, the parking space will not be retained, on the return access is possible only if there are still empty spaces.

The hotel administration has no responsibility for any damage caused by the owners of its own vehicles, or others, by handling or parking them carelessly. Outside the hotel’s parking lot, we recommend that you park exclusively in clearly marked spaces.

Irregular parking results in the owner assuming the fines and the vehicle recovery fee raised by the competent authorities. The car’s pick-up is claimed at 112.